Snorkeling Equipment

Anyone who is wanting to learn to snorkel or has been snorkeling for many years knows the importance of having the right snorkeling equipment. Snorkeling is one of the most wonderful, safest and easiest ways to experience the underwater world but there are some essential pieces of gear you must have to make your experience one to remember and make you want to come back for more. Snorkeling is a fun sport that can be enjoyed by most anyone whether they can swim or not, the only things you need is a body of water and the right gear.

If you can only afford one piece of equipment, make it a mask. A proper fitting mask is a must and the most important piece of gear you will need. If you have long hair, make sure to get any hair out of the way before trying on a mask because hair is the most common reasons that mask leak. If you are left handed, there are special mask made just for you. A proper fitting mask will enable you to see underwater because the human eye cannot focus underwater. The mask must also encompass your nose so you can adjust for the pressure changes.

Snorkel fins come in either adjustable strap and full foot and while they are not necessarily a must have, they do make getting around in the water much easier, and a lot more fun without wasting energy. They need to be lightweight and very flexible so you can easily push a large amount of water with the powerful muscles of the legs, while freeing up your hands. This is especially good if you have an underwater camera because your hands will then be free to take pictures of all the amazing underwater things you will see.


Snorkels is another important piece of snorkeling equipment that will allow you to breathe with your face just under the water without wasting the energy of having to hold your head above the water to breathe. For your snorkelers, be sure to provide protection from contact with marine life and harmful UV rays. These are also valuable to keep you from accidentally drinking salt water as they have a valve that closes if you want to go deeper into the water of if a wave goes over as it seals the airway and keeps you from inhaling water.


Snorkeling Vest will allow you to easily float on the surface of the water and relax with your face just under the surface of the water enjoying the underwater sea life. These are especially good for young children or beginners who are just learning to snorkel. The snorkeling vest will let you relax if you start to get tired without having to leave the water to rest on the beach. If you can, the best way to buy snorkeling equipment is in a package where you get everything you will need. That way, if you are unsure of what you will need, getting a package will ensure that you will not get to the beach without an important piece of snorkel equipment.

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